Commissioners Pharmacy and Compounding Centre is about more than dispensing medication.

 The following services are provided at our 163 Commissioners Rd. W. location:

  • Quality patient counselling

  • Free Delivery

  • Blister Packs (weekly or monthly)

  • Dossettes

  • Compression Stockings (we do the fitting and ordering for you)

  • Honouring of virtually all drug insurance plans

  • Specialise in Fertility Therapies

  • Compounding (see our Compounding section to understand more

  • Unavailable/discontinued medication

  • Unique dosage forms (lollipops, troches, capsules, suppositories, transdermals, you name it!)

  • Unique doses

  • Sterile compounds: IVs, eye drops and ear drops

  • Veterinary medications

  • Special pediatric needs